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Our Story

Chapamo Mineral Processing Limited came to birth as an initiative of the local community coming together to create employment and empower the local youths of Wusakile by the President of Zambia. Nkana Slag dump popularly known as “Black Mountain”, was formed as a result of the activities of Nkana smelter that reached its maximum design limit in the 1990s.

President Edgar Lungu forethought to find a lasting solution that will empower the youths of Wusakile, collect necessary revenue in form of tax and as well as safe guard the interests of the foreign investors.

The Government engaged shareholders ZCCM-HI (holding 10%), Nkana Alloy and Smelting Company Ltd (holding 90%), local leaders and small scale miners, subsequently an agreement was arrived upon. President Edgar Lungu on February 19 ordered that the court process between rival parties regarding the running of the Black Mountain in Kitwe be discontinued, the President further directed all concerned youth groups to form a unified cooperative company that the Government will grant a mineral processing license under which the commercial interests of the groups will be executed as a way of empowering the youths of Wusakile.

The cooperative further acquires the 10 per cent shares held by ZCCM-HI on commercial basis to allow them operate fully backed by the law of the land.

In compliance with the directive of President Edgar Lungu, we as the youths of Wusakile have formed a unified cooperative called Chapamo Mineral Processing Limited.

About Chapamo

Chapamo meaning “Together”, is a company focused on supporting the social infrastructure of Wusakila, doing so will create a platform for long-term benefits such as good health facilities, sustainable improvements in their day-to-day lives, better sporting facilities and an improvement in the education. Our goal is to nurture self-sufficiency, to motivate and mobilize the community in taking a keen interest in bettering their future.

We believe for this community investment to be effective and lasting, it has to meet both business endeavors and social needs fully. This entails extensive engagement with stakeholders (local authorities, partners, etc… through formal assessments (Socio-Economic Impact Assessment and Environmental and Social Impact Assessment) and ongoing community consultation, to determine and prioritize mutually beneficial areas.

our vision

As a company, Chapamo Mineral Processing Ltd places great emphasis on its environmental responsibilities. This has been demonstrated through the implementation of the Environmental Management Plan and Review of Environmental Factors employed to control environmental assessment investigations on site. As the Project moves into its construction and operational phases, current leading environmental management strategies will be engaged and will be regularly audited to confirm that optimized conditions exist to proactively prevent and minimize harm to the environment.

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Our Commitments


Apart from Chapamo already being a community lead cooperative, it’s placing great importance on its commitment to social responsibility and actively seeks avenues to benefit people within the community by continuously working with the community, stakeholders and the Zambian Government, where possible, meet the requirements and interests of these parties wholly.


The cooperative demonstrates this commitment to social responsibility through local employment, procuring from local suppliers and contributions to the local economy, including funding for education, health services, training and infrastructure development in the near future.
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